Possessed Adult Mask


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Possessed is a durable mask made from high quality, safe and environmentally friendly latex. Transform your self into a creepy white & black faced ghoul with a dumbfound expression of disgust. This killer is not kidding around when it comes to detail and Possessed's paint job is not only lifelong but exessively impresive aswell. Sculpted wrinkles are highlighted by ashy black tones that are imaculately painted by proffessionals to provide the most realistic look possible. Ventilation holes are designed to allow users to see and breathe keeping comfortably in mind. The mask covers your face and secures to the back of your head using an adjustable strap. No doubt you and others will get a kick out of this amazing deadly mans face and find endless ways to use or display it, so come try it for yourself! 

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Weight10.000 lbs
Dimensions8.000 × 7.000 × 50.000 in