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These Bitemares Horror Ogre Teeth are all the rage when transforming yourself to a mean child eating beast. These Ogre teeth are not for the type of Ogre who has a Donkey as a Best Friend. These flexible costume teeth were sculpted by Hollywood’s FX Teeth Specialist, Chris Gallaher. These disgusting, mean looking teeth come with an upper and lower set and are easy to wear. Each set of teeth are painted to create the underbite and yellowing gums that any respectable Ogre would love to have. . Applying the teeth is not difficult when using the plastic pellets that come with each set. Heat the pellets up in hot water, place the pellets onto your Ogre teeth and fit them over your white nice teeth to create the perfect repulsive smile . Now you are ready to search for “Baby Ruth’s” and “Sour Patch Kids” to feed your hunger.

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Weight 10.000 lbs
Dimensions 7.500 × 5.000 × 50.000 in