Lunging Graveyard Baby Prop


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This scary little Lunging Graveyard Baby doll is just sitting out in the graveyard on her blanky but don't get too close as she may come to life and get you! The Lunging Dolly character features an old-fashioned fabric Dress, Soft-PVC hands and feet., and long straight Hair. She is sitting on a printed soiled Quilt-type Blanket. Her Red LED Eyes light up while she Sings a haunting lullaby. Just when you are drawn in to her eerie song, she suddenly Lunges at you with scary sounds, then calmly and slowly retreats to her sitting positiion, giggling with delight at her little trick. Optional power: Battery-operated or UL adapter plug, Choose from Step-Here Foot Pad or Infra-Red Motion Sensor. Easy to assemble. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).

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Weight6.850 lbs
Dimensions21.200 × 16.900 × 7.750 in