Freddy Krueger Animated Life-Size


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Standing at approximately 72 inches tall and 30 inches widethis life-sized Freddy prop is perfect for your next hauntedhouse or Halloween party! Easy to assemble frame comes witheverything you need! Arm with razor glove moves up and downand fingers move. Includes a Try Me Button. Plugs into any110 outlet! Comprised of 35% Fabric, 25% Metal, 25% Plastic,15% Electronics.Sayings: You are mine now, matey! Hahahah!””I’m gonna split you in two! Hahahaha!””My name is Freddy! Welcome to my nightmare! Hahahahha! “Trick or treat! Hahaha!”
A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and all related characters and elements ? & ? New Line Productions, Inc.

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Weight6.500 lbs
Dimensions24.500 × 22.300 × 20.900 in