Dutch Kettle


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An injection-molded black plastic Kettle with handle has the look of a real metal Ketttle but without the weight. Carry it around to Hold your Candy & Treats or use it for Display. This Kettle is sure to satisfy, No matter what occassion you find to use it. From Decorating a haunted house to bobbing for apples or trick or treating the possiblities are endless. Store outdoors or indoors and never worry about rust and corrosion. The Kettle is Constructed from 100% Polypropylene for durablity and Measures 13.5in x 13.5in x 10in. Brew up something wicked this season with a cauldron that drives WItches wild!

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Weight 23.950 lbs
Dimensions 14.000 × 12.000 × 14.000 in