Animated Ferris Wheel 72-inch Prop


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Everybody's favorite ride at the carnival! The Animated 72-inch Ferris Wheel Prop is re-imagined with 5 creepy little clowns riding around and around for all eternity. Each clown is unique. Eerie carnival calliope music plays while the Ferris Wheel from Fun Land creaks and echoing childish screams and laughter is heard in the background. Plug the UL power adapter into any standard outlet and choose from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options. The infra-red sensor works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions – bright light to no light! Item includes Volume Control. Easy-to-assemble quick-connect poles. 

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Weight23.800 lbs
Dimensions27.250 × 21.700 × 9.000 in