Underworld Clown Animated Prop


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A 6 feet tall Monster Clown straight from the Underworld with Wicked long striped Arms that bend unnaturally ending in claw like hands. The creature speaks; His mouth moves with the words and his eyes glow an unearthly yellow as his body rocks side to side. Boney recessed ribs protrude from his  cloak of dilapidated black and white stripes. Gruesome green netting is draped over the lifeless body until 1 of 3 Fully automated settings bring him to life. The Infra-red motion sensor setting is for scaring larger groups of people while the included “step here pad” functions for a more precise scare. The last  function allows him to run continuously in a loop which is for great for showing off and attracting attention. Being able to be used indoors or outdoors under shelter make this piece exceptionally versatile with an easy assembly that makes it so he practically builds himself. Directions are simple and straightforward illustrations that walk you through step by step leaving you with a perfect attraction that can easily be stored again for re-use.

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Weight 23.600 lbs
Dimensions 47.500 × 23.500 × 20.500 in