Acrylbond Adhesive and Remover


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The new water based adhesive from Tinsley Transfers. Imagine an effects glue that is easy to use, safe on your skin, no solvents and has superior adhesion properties. Well, imagine no more, Acrylbond is here! Acrylbond is super strong and easier to work with than spirit gum. It also works FANTASTIC with all latex and foam latex appliances and even works with silicone and hair! Waterbased Adhesive goes on white and dries clear. Skin must be clean and free of any makeup, hair, dirt, or oils. Apply a thin coat to the back of the appliance and to your skin, and when it goes from white to clear, you are ready to adhere! Includes the Acrylbond Remover to easily remove the adhesive when done. So kick spirit gum to the curb and move on to a new water based solution created by the experts! 

Adhesive  10 g/ 0.35 av. oz.  Remover  9 g/ 0.32 av. oz.

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